so i made a thing. again. heh. although, i’m sorry i couldn’t make it nicer. i have no skills. hah. i’m sorry it’s so plain.

but anyway, maybe you’ve seen these before, but in case you haven’t— these are just a series of letters that you can “open when” you need them the most.

so no peeking!

although i heavily doubt that. you’re probably just gonna open all of them as soon as you get this. wheezes.

happy third, baby. i hope you like it. i love you.

from, your jaeyeong.

hey, sugarplum.

if you’ve opened this, just know i miss you too. truth be told, i miss you whenever you’re not with me. every second of every minute of every hours that you’re not by my side. but worry not, my love! i’ll be with you soon, i promise. i bet wherever i am right now, if i could only fly to you, i would. so just hold on a little longer, okay?

i love you, apple pie. smile for me, please! i’ll be right there with you before you know it.

from, your jaeyeong.

hey, baby.

if you’ve opened this, i guess it’s just one of those days, huh? where all you wanna do is stay in bed, sleep, and just be by yourself even if you have a shit ton pile of work to do? honestly, i think that’s okay. we can’t work all the time. we all need some time off to just relax and take a breather.


at some point, you gotta dig deep and move on stuff you really want to do. stop letting yourself procrastinate and start going through the motions of making progress. because the only way you’ll actually get any work done is by starting on it.

i’m not sure if this’ll work for you but when i feel like i’m in a slump, i pull these clips up. heh. they always gives me goosebumps. gets me thinking like i can do anything.

so, you? you got this, babe. you are such an amazing, intelligent, and capable person. you can do whatever you set your mind to, whether it’s doing 20 laps in record time or taking care of the night shift at the infirmary.

and if you’re reading this because you feel like you’re stuck in life? and everything’s become to routine? or boring? if you’re looking for a challenge? i think you’re destined for great things, baby. i really do. even if sometimes you think you aren’t. you just need to believe in yourself and keep dreaming big.

don’t ask if your dreams are crazy.

it’s only crazy until you do it.

from, your jaeyeong.

hey, babe.

i hope everything's okay. you know you're always welcome in my arms. but if i'm not around for you right now, i hope these make do for now.

i'm sending you all my hugs and kisses so feel better soon, okay? if they don't work, return them to me and i'll refund you with a bonus of two extra kisses, no charge. heh.

i love you, jung yoojin.

i'm always going to be here for you.

from, your jaeyeong.

hi, sweetheart.

oh boy, this is basically cheese served on a platter. ha. i know i’ve told you this story before or well, perhaps bits and pieces of it but i guess this one’s just in case you feel hearing it again.

when i think about falling in love, i used to think that everything had to happen in order, you know? meet, start out as friends, date and slowly fall in love, then eventually get married into your happily ever after. but with you, i guess it turned out a little differently. i mean, we always joke around that we hit third base before making it over to first. hah.

‘cause damn, when we first met, i didn’t know i’d love you this much. you drove me crazy because i was at a point in my life where i wasn’t really looking for love. i was hoping we’d be friends, at least, because i thought you were gonna bite my hand off over everything i said. but you didn’t. although, i think that part interested me the most. you weren’t like anyone i’d met before. you were different, and i felt like i wanted to get to know you better. i remember telling myself whatever just flirt the fuck out of this guy and see what happens. i was so..i tried so hard to get your attention. ha. as embarrassing as that is to admit.

and then you came back with the cutest box of cupcakes. your magic cupcakes. i still remember the flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and mocha? if i’m not wrong. and we spent basically the whole day together. that was such a good day and you were so cute back then. i mean, you still are but. it was like every time i even so much as brushed my hand over yours, you’d turn into a stuttering mess and you’d blush like it was the first time you’d ever been with anyone else. god, you were so adorable. and i couldn’t wait to kiss you. i thought about it a lot during that date. and when i finally did? heck, that was some kiss.

and the rest is history, i guess. ‘cause after that kiss, i think i just knew that you were it.

i don’t know if you believe in love at first sight but oh man, if it ever exists, i think this was it. i fell for you so hard so fast. my heart knew what it wanted even before my brain had time to catch up. but i’m also grateful that it did.

you are everything i could ever want, baby. everything that i could ever need.

i love you so much, jung yoojin, with every fiber of my being.

thank you for following me home that day. i’ll make sure that you never regret it.

from, your jaeyeong.

hello to the love of my life.

i think i tell you this often but in case i’m not around when you need to hear it the most, i want — no need you to know — that i am so very proud of you, sweetheart. of everything you’ve accomplished so far and for everything that you will accomplish in the future. i’m proud of you for making it through the day. i’m proud of you for getting up today and for giving it your best shot. i’m even proud of you for starting to eat at least a few veggies.

you do so much. you try so hard. even when it gets tough, you push through. you always put one foot in front of the other. you’re healthy, you have a job, you still do what you love, and you’re still able to make time for me.

you’re just so incredible, you know?

i mean, you inspire me every day. because i know it’s tough to juggle everything in life and most of the time, it’s pulling you in a hundred million directions but you somehow manage it.

keep it up, okay, baby? ‘cause you’re doing amazing. don’t let other people tell you otherwise.

from, your jaeyeong.

hey, chin up, love. tomorrow’s another day.

you got this, yeah?

remember, you can always call me if you need someone to vent to or rant to or if you just need someone to hold you close and tell you that everything’s going to be okay. i’ll be whatever you need, whenever you need it.

so let’s put a smile on that pretty face.

you look so beautiful like that.

hello, my prawnball.

remember when i told you i learned that thing about cryptography? okay so, i was actually massively amazed. the kind of coding is actually based on modular arithmetic. modular arithmetic was developed by carl friedrich gauss. he was a german mathematician and physicist! and a child genius.

hm, modular arithmetic is a different way of adding and multiplying integers. essentially, the integers wrap around upon reaching a specific value.

so how does it work? well, you know how when you divide two integers, you get the quotient and the remainder? let’s say, 8 / 3 = 2 remainder 2.

in modular math, we can write this down as 8 (mod – 3) = 2!

i think it’s best visualized by a clock? you know how there are actually 24 hours in a day? well, for a clock, it goes up to twelve then circles back around. so say it’s 20:00, we know that’s 8 o’clock but using modular math, it’d be 20 (mod – 12) = 8! because 20 / 12 = 1 remainder 8. ehe.

for mod – 26, we can correlate this to the alphabet. it’s shown here in the table!

which makes 1 ↔ A, 2 ↔ B, 3 ↔ C, and so on and so forth.

so this is the fun part.

i have a code with me. i’m gonna keep it a secret but this is its decoding formula: x = 9y + 19.

let’s say, you have the code X D J.

first get the numbers corresponding the letters from the table. these are your y values. so you need to solve for your x values, using the decoding formula. when you do this, you’ll get 235, 55, and 109. divide these by 26 and get the remainder! these become:

235 (mod – 26) = 1
55 (mod – 26) = 3
109 (mod – 26) = 5

you go back to the table and find the letters! doing this gives you XDJ ↔ ACE.

heh. so. do you think you can figure these ones out?


heh. i know you don’t like math but—i hope at the very least you have fun guessing the phrases. although, i bet you already know them in an instant. ha. if you do solve the little problem, come find me! you get kisses for a prize.

if you aren’t feeling up to a little math, maybe a little geography?

the bridge of sighs, venice, italy.
the bridge’s name was actually given by lord byron, one the greatest british poets. legend has it that if a couple kissed on the gondola as it passes under the bridge at the exact moment of sunset with the bells of st. mark’s campanile ringing across the city, they’d be given eternal love.

alley of kisses, guanajuato, mexico.
according to legends, a wealthy family once lived in one of the buildings and their daughter fell in love with a common villager. her father didn’t approve of the relationship so they had to meet in secret in the tiny alley. they say when you pass through the callejon del beso, couples have to kiss on the third step for their love to last forever.

wall of love, paris, france.
the wall was created 16 years ago in abbesses garden in montmarte. it’s a 40 meter long wall which the phrase i love you was written over 311 times in 250 different languages.

taj mahal. agra, india.
the grand mausoleum was comissioned in 1632 by the mughal emperor, shah jahan, in memory of his wife, who passed away giving birth to their 14th child. the tomb is the centerpiece of a 17 hectare complex, which has a mosque, a guest house, and the most beautiful gardens.

trevi fountain, rome, italy.
in the 1730s, italian architect nicola salvi was tasked to design the fountain. they say if you throw a coin with your back facing the fountain, using your right hand going across over to your left shoulder, you get a wish. if you throw two, you’ll find true love. three gets you marriage. and if you toss in four? that brings you great wealth.

charles bridge, prague, czech republic.
the bridge resides over the vltava river and was built under the rule of king charles iv. one of the most notable sculptures on the bridge is st. john of nepomuk. rumor has it that if you touch it and ask him to help you, he’ll grant you luck.

hey, sweetheart.

i’m sorry you had a bad dream. but remember that it was just a dream, okay? it wasn’t real. maybe at the most, they are simply reflections of the past but they definitely don’t predict the future. try to think of something good. something that makes you smile. maybe that’s your family or a beautiful sunset. maybe think about swimming. remember how it feels to be in the water. remember each stroke. remember how it felt to come up for air and dive back in. take a deep breath in. and breathe out slowly. you gotta relax for me, baby. and repeat after me. it was only a dream. it wasn’t real. you’re safe, angel.

but if you’re still spooked, why don’t you come over to my place and let me cuddle you to sleep? you know the passcode, right? it’s your birthday. c’mere and i’ll wrap my arms around you, cuddle you close, and keep you safe from all the bad things.

i promise i won’t let anything happen to you.

hi to my one and only.

if you’ve opened this, i’m sorry. especially if i have anything to do with the reason that you’re feeling this way. i never ever want you to feel like you aren’t enough because you are. but..then again, i get it. it happens to the best of us. maybe you feel like no matter how hard you try, it’ll always come short or maybe you feel like everything’s happening too fast and you can’t control things anymore.

well, i want to remind you of a few things. you are kind hearted, mature, loving. you are so very loved by so many people, even if they don’t always say it out loud. you are talented and intelligent. you have so many unique skills and gifts. you are special. and there’s nobody quite like you on this earth. you are perfect just the way you are and anyone who thinks otherwise should answer to me.

so what i’m saying is, it’s okay to feel this way, baby. but just please don’t let this consume your thoughts. shake it off. rise above these feelings. because you are amazing and you can do amazing things. you know that. you just need a little reminder every now and then.

you really are a gift to this world. you always try to see the good in others and you’re protective of your own. i’m so grateful and humbled that i get to call you mine.

so come home to me? i’ll make you a warm cup of tea and promise you all the cuddles in the world. we can just stay in and forget the world until my angel feels better because i don’t want you to ever go to bed having doubts about yourself.

i am so very in love with you, baby. never forget it.

from, your jaeyeong.

hi, cutie.
and no, i know what you’re gonna say. “it’s not cute!” and “i look so ugly crying!” or something along those lines. don’t fight me anymore. you’re always cute to me.


is everything alright, my love? do you wanna wipe those tears from your eyes yet? i brought you some tissues. but if not, it’s okay to cry. let it all out. cry as hard as you want to because sometimes life’s just a little too frustrating. we all need to let off steam at some point.

but don’t be sad for too long, yeah? i’m gonna need you to take a breath and pick yourself up. because in due time, everything will be okay and things will work themselves out. you know that. and i know that. if you need me, i’m just here. i’m always going to be here to listen to you. but if you don’t feel like talking about it, that’s okay too. i don’t have to know. so. you can tell, this guy instead!

tell him everything that’s making you upset. he’s good at keeping secrets. don’t forget to name the little guy, okay? he’ll be my substitute until i can get to you. heh.

i hope you put on a smile soon, baby. the world just isn’t the same without your pretty smile.

i love you so much, jung yoojin. please don’t forget it. i’ll be right here for you. i’ll always have your back.

from, your jaeyeong.

hey, baby.

i’m sorry i can’t be there to take care of you right now. you know i’d be there if i could.

but tell you what, let me help you, hm? all you have to do is follow my instructions. you can do that, can’t you? you’re my good girl after all.

oh, but before that, look at this, daddy even got you new panties. do you wanna put them on for me, baby? ah, you’d probably look so pretty in them.

still wanna play with me, love? if you do, let’s set some rules first. i want you to imagine everything i’m going to say, touch wherever i tell you to touch, and you stop when i say so. if you don’t, i’ll find out. and you don’t want to be punished for not following daddy’s orders, right?

okay. good. now, daddy wants you to sit back on your bed. spread your legs for me?

yeah, that’s it. sitting pretty like a needy little whore. i want you to take your hand and run it up and down your sides, slowly, like i would. the kind that turns you on with just your fingers just barely brushing against the bare skin. bring your hands up all the way to your chest and squeeze your breasts. play with them. they’re so soft, aren’t they? daddy likes the way they feel in his hands.

but he likes the way your cute nipples perk up against his fingers even more. all you need is a little touch because they’re so sensitive. let’s remove your bra, sweetheart. show daddy those pink nubs. do you see how hard they already are? i want you to tease even more. caress around them, don’t touch just yet.

keep going, sweetheart. let me hear your cute moans and desperate whimpers. imagine if i was there with you, i’d use my tongue on your perky nipples. lick them. suck on them. and you’d push your chest out towards me like the greedy whore you really are. start pinching them, rolling them between your fingers, flicking them, pulling them. until you can’t take it anymore.

good. take your hand and run it down your stomach. further. over those lacy panties you got from daddy. just over your tight pussy. keep your legs spread out for me, baby. you don’t wanna get tied up next time, right?

oh. look at that. you’re so wet for me already, angel. such a dirty slut. you’ve ruined the panties and we haven’t even gotten to the fun part yet. are you embarrassed? i can already hear your pathetic whimpers and those shy little sounds you make.

do you want to take them off now, sweetheart? slide them off your plush thighs, all the way to your ankles. show me your pretty pussy. but take your time. you know i would. i’d tug them down inch by inch while leaving hickeys all over, suck on bright bruises. wouldn’t that be cute? and when you go swimming, everyone gets to see how many marks you have. everyone’ll know you belong to me.

bring your hand between your thighs. glide your fingertips over your wet pussy. spread your lips by running your fingers up and down from your clit to your opening. you know who owns that? you know who this belongs to?

can you say it out loud for me, princess?

right, it belongs to daddy. daddy’s to touch and play with. daddy’s to taste and eat out. sometimes i think about going out for a movie and touching you in the back of the theatre. imagine my fingers doing what you’re doing right now. while we’re in public. you’d just be a stuttering mess but you wouldn’t dare to stop me ‘cause you’re a needy baby. i bet you’d even roll your hips against my fingers for more.

go faster, sweetheart. touch your clit. rubbing circles over it slowly until you become so needy it starts to throb against your fingertips.

you know what i’ve always wanted? i’d be sitting in bed. you’d straddle my lap and you sit right over my cock. you’ll move your hips to just slide your wet pussy over my thick hard length. back and forth. again and again. edging yourself because it feels good. you’d grind against me, looking like the most desperate little cumslut. and you’d do that thing where you give me that shy embarrassed innocent look you wear so well. and you’ll say “daddy, i want you.” with a cute lil’ stutter.

tsk. you always want daddy.

well, not this time, sweetheart. earn the right to cum, hm? go faster then. you can do it. and don’t hold back those pretty moans, baby. you know how much they turn me on.

you can add a finger now, baby. maybe even two. maybe even one of your toys. how about the dildo? you seemed to like it a lot last time. what was it you told me? that the dildo could make you feel good just like i do? maybe even better? do you remember that? you were such a fucking brat.

not today though, right? you’re gonna be daddy’s good girl today.

so keep touching your clit. you know what to do. stop every time you feel yourself getting close. we don’t the game to end so soon, right?

that’s it. you’re doing so well for me, my pretty cumslut.

do you wanna say my name, baby? moan it out loud for everyone to hear? who’s making you feel this good, hm?

faster. fuck yourself harder. imagine it were my fingers. or better yet, my cock.

there you go.

you always turn into a drooling mess for my cock. you like the way it fills you up.

mm, you’ve been so good for me, love. i think i’ll let you cum now. fuck, you always sound so cute when you cum.

take a picture and send it to daddy, hm? i can be home to help you even more if you like. heh.

i’ll see you soon, angel. you did such a good job. i have the best baby girl.

i love you.

from, daddy.